Achieving success in international business is complicated. Lentink De Jonge will be glad to advise you on the complex cross-border issues that can arise regarding your operations or your tax or accountancy affairs, either generally or in response to any specific queries that you may have.

International organisational structure

Do you have international growth ambitions or do you already operate abroad? Lentink De Jonge will happily help you consider the optimal way to structure your international business.

Thanks to our expertise and extensive international network, you will also benefit from all the local knowledge you need to succeed in international business. This includes knowledge of the local market, local customs and any differences you may encounter in local laws, regulations or tax codes.

If you are doing business as a multinational, it’s essential that you set the correct transfer prices for your goods and/or services. If your transfer prices deviate too much from the market price, the tax authorities may assume that you aren’t operating in accordance with the arm’s length principle. And that can lead to significant sanctions and fines being imposed on you.

Avoid transfer pricing issues and any associated fines or extra tax bills, legal costs and reputational damage. Make sure that your business is compliant, which means setting the correct transfer prices and complying with all the necessary administrative requirements. Lentink De Jonge’s transfer pricing specialists will help you get it right.

International acquisitions

Our corporate finance department specialises in business optimisation, acquisitions and mergers. A finely-attuned team of corporate finance consultants and registered business valuers is available to help you with:

  • Company valuations
  • Company sales
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Tax advice regarding business transfers
  • Financing solutions
  • Due diligence.

You can be assured of the best financial, administrative, tax and legal advice, successful business acquisitions and optimal returns. What more could your business want?

International risk management

Doing business is all about taking risks. Preferably those risks should be taken in a calculated manner, not recklessly. Do you want to ensure that all the relevant business aspects of a foreign company or international business partner are in order? Or identify any risks that aren’t immediately visible? Avoid unnecessary risks, expand your boundaries internationally and make sure you’re properly prepared when you enter a new market.

Global success

Specialists will help you strengthen the international, financial and tax position of your company or group. Together with our international alliance of independent accounting firms Kreston Global we will ensure that you always make the right decisions. Wherever and whenever you want to do business.

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