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Global tax reforms

Jelle Bakker, of Bentacera in The Netherlands, has written a piece on global tax reform for Accountancy Daily. Jelle interprets the corporate tax overhaul, agreed by 130 countries, and what that means for SMEs, globally.

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The impact of COVID-19 on transfer pricing

Previously accepted comparables used for establishing a company’s transfer pricing policy might not be comparable due to the impact of the pandemic.

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Asian economics: An ASEAN redesign

What impact could Brexit have on the Asian economies and their dealings with the UK and Europe?

“There is a substantial amount of trade activity between the UK and the EU, and many Asian economies consider the UK and the EU to be key investors in their respective countries.”- Ganesh Ramaswamy, Kreston Regional Tax Director.

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What do you need to know about audit reform in the UK?

The UK government published its preliminary response to a consultation on building trust in audit and corporate governance.

What are the potential changes to audit and how can you ensure your organisation is prepared?

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